Tomity Shares Old School Keirin With Us Dec 23, 2009

Kanagawa Kawasaki Keirin Velodrome 400m – location

For those of you who have met Tomity before, this will come as no surprise. The 52 year old Keirin racer recently posted over 50 images to the NYC Fixed Boards from the earliest years of Keirin races. After WWII, Japan was lacking any sort of entertainment. War-torn and rebuilding, the nation looked to Keirin races for hope and honor.

Kanagawa Kawasaki Keirin Velodrome 400m – location

I wish I could post every image Tomity linked to our boards and since it’s a private forum, I can’t link to the thread. Maybe he’s posted to your local forums and you can share the link with us? LA? SF? Chi? Anyone?

Thanks for sharing Tomity!

  • Craig

    He posted on Bfixed too, here’s the link so everyone can see:

    Old School in Keirin

  • C

    Chi is too embarassed to let our board be public

  • I put some other pics up here:
    Pulled these off LAFIXED.

  • alejandro

    he posted some sweet stuff in Chicago’s board. Idk what dude is talking about being embarrassed. speak for yourself son. soufside.

  • kris

    also on lvfixed

  • These are great and Tomity is a legend!

    I penned an article on Keirin some time ago here.

  • klinker

    I was driving home from my wife’s parents house and passed the Major Velodrome in IN off of 65. I was thinking of this.

  • I’m Tomity!!
    Just say hello!!