Some Final Words for 2009 Dec 31, 2009


I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of my readers. If you’ve ever commented on the site, emailed me with information, linked to a post, organized an event, donated or offered to sponsor Prolly is not Probably, I owe you a huge thanks. You guys make this site what it is. Every ounce of support from my readers makes this site worth while.

Thanks to all my sponsors and supporters, most of which are to the right of this post.

Thanks to all my friends who’ve busted my balls, followed me on Twitter, stalked me on Facebook, sent me random pictures, pushed me to ride harder, made me laugh and helped me enjoy life.

Let’s keep it rolling in 2010!

Ride / Relax

  • Just met you this year John, but thanks for all the help you sent our way. Congrats on what you’ve pulled off this year and I’m sure 2010 is going to be even bigger. Peace.

  • puckett

    Stalked on facebook? Def elliot. lols!

  • sebastian

    Feliz año nuevo Prolly, keep riding and writing for ages..

  • I want to be the first to post on here in 2010.

    Thanks john for making this Blog

  • matteo

    thanks to you john, for tha passion you keep on growing with your blog.
    big hug from milan italy.

  • Happy new year Prolly !

  • Andrew

    word. this blog has become part of my daily grind. remember when it was started at blogspot and i thought it was my little secret. keep it up. ha, facebook stalkers. i dont even wanna think of the clustering your receive.

  • Happy New year! You’re the man…keep it up!