New Fyxomatosis Tees Dec 19, 2009

Who ever said Deltas don’t stop you? They didn’t stop Andy at Fyxo from putting them on a new shirt. Available now over at Fyxomatosis.

  • DonaldM

    Haha that was such beautiful brake.. but probably one of the most dangerous things campy ever put out!

  • Andy told me this little story just now:

    “Scott McGrory (gold, madison at athens, rode for Mapei, Roubaix, six day legend…) saw my delta shirt and said ‘I can remember racing on those brakes – they didn’t work’. He goes on about how Campy released a rim at the same time that when they got wet there was zero stopping power. They told Campagnolo about the issue, and even warned the Russian team before a stage on the continent where they all binned it on the descent.”

  • Kanon08

    I am buying one of those now.

  • you

    off topic: what is that camo pattern on those shorts? i see that on cordura 1000 or whatever on skingrowsbacks hip pouch and thought that was a proprietary pattern.

  • Australian camo….. Just like their is US/ UK / Urban variations. There is also a Aus mariners camo too which I’ve got.