Inseparable: the WRAHW Tapes Dec 11, 2009

Wonka and Torey interviewing each other and talking about why they ride fixed vs. BMX. It’s a little long, but worth the watch. These two are inseparable. They’ve really grown in riding and have influenced each other’s styles over the past few months. Brothers from a different mother.


  • anobody

    Like, i’ll see you in the next nike or marlboro add. The poster children for fixed gear…big sigh. Like, i just wanna keep some shit in the palm of my hand. My fault. So far Lamarche is the epitome for me; humble and sincere. “Fuck my ass.”

  • scissorneck

    fruit chews!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodney

    COOL !! but BMX flatland ( show mad love) is so different then fixie flat so don’t lump it all together

  • Brody

    Hooolllyyy sheeeit!!!

  • Marty


  • Ryan