Gran Royale Lurker Dec 28, 2009

Out of all the BMX company’s first-attempts at a ‘freestyle’ fixed gear, I have to say, this one looks like they spent some time designing it. I met the rep from Eastern a while back. He told me that their sister-company, Gran Royale, was making a fixed gear freestyle bike and that they were planning on selling it as a complete. They’ve named it the Lurker and I’m sure you’ll be seeing them on the streets soon. More information below.

Edit: I’ve added the MSRP to the post, along with availability information.

The Lurker comes in two colors, black and purple.

The features are:
-Full Chromoly Frame
-Fixed or Freewheel Rear Hub
-Integrated Seat Clamp
-Integrated Headtube
-European Bottom Bracket
-Gran Royale Saddle w/ Alloy Seatpost
-Caliper Brakes Included
-Integrated Seat Post Clamp
-Precision Sealed Bearing, High Flange Hubs Front and Rear
-Tubular Fork Allows Clearance for Barspins

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, or 60 cm

MSRP: $699.95 in stock now. Contact your LBS to order.

Sold only as a complete, at most-likely a pricepoint to compete with every other fixed gear company out there and this is only the beginning. Once more BMX companies put out complete fixed gears, you’ll see them get cheaper and cheaper. Now we’re seeing durable forks and a geometry that compensates for the longer a2c. The formula is pretty easily replicated and the components will reflect the pricepoints.

2010 is going to be an interesting year for sure.

  • Todd

    Twin water bottle cages?

  • david

    it seems like 2010 will be the year for cookie cutter bikes already

  • Cookie-cutter and ‘tarckness’ aside, it’s got a tapered, heat-treated unicrown fork w/ open fork blades, ample clearance, pivotal seatpost, slightly bigger tires and a 4″ tall riser bar. This is a beginner’s FGFS bike. Your little brother will buy one and it’s scary!

    Hell man, 2 years ago, there wasn’t a 700c-unicrown fork that withstood our riding and if there was one, the A2C was way off or it was 6 lbs.

    The progression, componentry and competition is escalating exponentially. Everyone wants to be sponsored and some people want to get paid (seriously). Just wait until REAL money is a factor. All the Danny McCaskills in the world will come in and get a piece of the pie… The bikes have moved quickly to esclusive BMX components and soon, the only thing 700c on them will be the frames and the rims.

    With a company like Eastern putting out a bike like this (and $200 complete bmxs), expect to see more and more +/- $600 complete 700c FGFS bikes.

    Nutty right?

  • This looks pretty solid for a complete except for:

    -Gran Royale Pivotal Seat w/ Pivotal Alloy Seatpost

    When will BMX companies realize that pivotals are not meant for fixed gear bikes…or any other bike that you actually sit down upon?

  • Terry B

    I’m scared already, seriously.

  • Re: the Pivotals, I think Volume makes a “larger” Pivotal saddle. No more bent rails right?

  • david

    do you think anyone like bikesdirect is going to start putting out this kind of stuff for 350 like they do with their beginner “track” frame nows? 600 for a fgfs bike is still kind of steep considering you can probably trick almost as well on these bike as i’ve seen some people do with windsor the hour bikes.

  • I’d say it’s safe to bet that eventually Bikesdirect WILL have some version of a “FGFS” complete for that pricepoint. If not in 2010, 2011 for sure.

    The way it’s going now is people are getting more into the Unicrown / big tire bikes than they are getting into the “tarck” or track bikes.

    Hell, everyone in Tokyo is on a 700cmx now.

    It’s headed that direction.

  • Gordon

    Wait, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first fgfs bike made by a bmx company. What about the subrosa malum?

    It’s also 100% chromoly and has barspin clearance…

  • No one said it was the “first” – I said “Out of all the BMX company’s first-attempts at a ‘freestyle’ fixed gear”

    Also, Kris at Locked Cog tracked this (older) edit down…

    Meet Burt Benson from Gran Royale on Vimeo.

    You were right dude, it was a GR commercial…

  • Mike D

    Pivotal seats are easier to break than rails in my opinion. Since it is all reinforced on plastic, you can snap a seat instead of bending a rail. I’ve snapped mine before and I’m like 5′ 3″ and 120 lbs haha

  • yea…it’s already sellin in Hong Kong few weeks looks nice in real stuff with the price for complete bike…

  • Actually, it comes w/ a railed seat and micro-adjust post. The pivotal stuff is a typo…most likely the result of me rushing. Sorry for the snafu.

  • the specs on the site aren’t correct.. its not a pivotal seat/post. if you look closely at the seat/post you can see it is a railed seat with a 3-D forged micro adjust post.. sorry to scratch your nuts with a rusty nail.

  • “sorry to scratch your nuts with a rusty nail.”


    I corrected the post. Thanks for the clarification guys.

  • Cody

    What’s up with those tiny ass track ends?

  • it was our mistake, thanks Prolly. i just thought the rusty nail thing was funny.

  • danny

    I fully plan on buying one from QBP for like 350 to use as play/backup/polo/beater bike.

  • Hey Danny,

    QBP may not have stock for a little while, give us a call at 866-849-0411 and one of us will be glad to get you ep on it.(assuming you work at a shop if you’re planning to order from Q)

    Thanks man,

  • sylvan


    I bought one of these in 60 size.
    really good bike as far as you don’t want to use big tires. Mine cannot accept bigger tires than 35 mm rear.. What a pity for a “freestyle” bike. And I am rather the king of heavy guy.
    the nut used to tighten the fixed gear is a piece of sh… obliged to change it after 3 rides.
    But all the other things are ok.. nervous, quick and not spinable beside what is said in the description. Or you have to change stem and handlebar.
    OOOooh just an other thing.. first mount kenda tires are also just sh…. tires.. what a pity.. at least 2 pinch for a ride, at least..!!
    i changed them and so I digged that no big tires can fit..
    worth the price??? good question.


  • sylvan

    frame is broken around the seat fastener
    not a harcore rider
    doesn’t worth the price

    • dro

       yep, me too