DMR 700c Trick Fork Dec 21, 2009

Max and the guys at Tokyo Fixed Gear got a nice little sneak peek at the new DMR 700c trick fork. A lot of people were riding the DMR Trailblade forks a year or so ago and after brands started making aftermarket forks for 700c bikes, the DMR demand fell off. Now they’ve introduced a new fork that sports the same unicrown design, but is half the weight and just as strong; as they claim here on the TFG Flickr.

Check out the rest of the pics and all the details here. I dig the cutout on the crown and the lawyer’s lips on the fork ends. Keep checking the DMR News section for more information.

  • what are lawyers lips exactly?

  • They’re the little “lip” that runs around the fork ends (dropouts) that prevent the wheel from popping out of the fork in case the axle nuts are loose.

    You’ll see them on modern road forks but not on vintage forks. The age of liability and law-suits brought them on, hence “lawyer’s lips”

  • Oh ok thanks a lot! quick reply! How do you know that much about bikes that you know what the lip on forks are called and their backstories?

  • streets

    It is fairly well known to bicycle mechanics; especially if you’ve worked in shops.