Difisso Captain Fin Build Edit Dec 6, 2009

Street fighter from Pindaro on Vimeo.

Difisso, the Italian fixed gear frame company, has a bike called the Captain Fin. Fixed Gear Bergamo made a web edit of their shop assembling the frame. Nice one guys.

Edit: Sorry for the confusion. The frame is called Captain Fin not Street Fighter.

  • ross

    would be interested to see more of the overhead, adjustable stand that they are using here.

  • Justin

    Broakland of Oakland, Ca. already has a frame named the “Street Fighter”.

  • ryedooger

    diffiso is an awesome company. i’d love to see how this frame holds up

  • Anonymous

    Those cranks are BMX powerbites or hollowbites, no? No one on a fixed gear is doing any kind of drop that requires thouse bad boys.

  • ryedooger

    Talked to my friend who rides for them and he says he broke his street fighter. And he doesn’t even trick that hard. and he is skinny haha

  • stone-street

    whats next, the Difisso pipe-bomb?

  • Hi guys, the DiFisso frame does not called Street Fighter, the name is Captain Fin, is new project of DiFisso Guys, but this frame has a differ colours yellow and red for our group from Bergamo, small town near Milan…

  • Bender

    What is he doing to make the seat post fit? Seems kind of violent – maybe just because I have never seen it done before…

  • He’s reaming the seat tube. Sometimes when a frame is new, you have to ream it so a post will fit. It’s better than over-tightening a smaller post. You do something similar to chase the threads on the BB shell.

    Caale, thanks for the correction!