Derek Joseph 180 Toboggan Dec 30, 2009

Photo by Matt Lingo

Damn! That’s a gorgeous photo. Matt Lingo upped a nice shot of a new rider named Derek Joseph doing a 180 toboggan on a dirt embankment. Everything about this photo is legit. Lighting, style and composition. You guys are killing it! Photographer and rider!

  • nice shot!

  • Necrowizard


  • That’s the best shot I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for posting it.

  • jkelley

    yeah that was a fun day!!! too bad it took Matt lingo 2 hours to meet up with us!! But damn he always comes through with the shot.D.J. “we’re losing daylight” Matt, “that’s not an issue”

  • DJ is a cool dude. I rode with him in SD the first time I was down there shooting with Leader. He shreds the BMX.

  • dj”one man wrecking crew”

    thankyou all for all the kind words :)

  • bmxer

    fly outs dont count

  • yesenia