BS Fixed Gear 01 Dec 2, 2009

BS Fixed Gear #0 1 from chien_kai_hung on Vimeo.

Very dream-like edit coming from Taichung City, Taiwan. Shen Jie Chen showing us some fakie hop bars, wallrides and a few lines. This video also gives us a peek into how dense the pedestrian traffic is in Taichung City. More to come.

  • Does he really just have foot retention on the drive side?

  • some messengers do that here in the city. If you don’t skid ambidextrously, you only really need one strap, on your dominant foot. In his case, the DS.

  • Craig

    wouldn’t you want it on the non-dominant? maybe I’m doing it wrong but I usually skid by pulling up on my left foot and pushing on my right.

  • It all depends on what your dominant foot is. Some it’s left, some it’s right. It also depends on how you skid. Bottom line, you don’t need two sets, just one if you’re skidding in one way only.