Velocult is in Tow Nov 3, 2009

That’s what I’m talking about. The Velo Cult crew recently hauled 2 (empty) kegs using an Xtracycle. There’s a nice long story on the trip at their blog, so make sure you read it. Guys, people give the same reaction around these parts to hauling stuff by bike. Sasha has similar experiences with his.

Sasha’s Big Dummy

  • dontcoast

    hell yeah! love seeing people haul ridiculous amounts of stuff on bikes

    i remember when PedEx santa cruz hauled a full keg up fireroads and a bit of singletrack in a trailer for a post-wildcat party.
    i also remember seeing a black label bike club tandem with a keg holder between the capt’n and the stoker.

    think of the rolling bike party possibilities.