Stack It Nov 6, 2009


It’s on. The weather in NYC is getting cold and already the amount of people on bikes has decreased by 75%. Winter is right around the corner. If this winter is like the past two we’ve had, it won’t stop the Peel Sessions crew. As long as you’re moving, you’re warm. This ghetto quarter at the spot helps. Something new to ride and last night, there were some bangers being had. BMX and fixed. Pictures to come and video, hopefully by tonight.

It’s good to have Wonka back in NYC, that’s for sure.

  • That’s a nice lookin ramp, I wish I could ride it

  • Vas

    sick! the 1/4 was built way up eh! cant wait to hit it!

  • That shit is wonky as all hell but fun none the less! We need to resheet it with some 1/4″ ply and masonite on top..