Ride the Republic: Denton’s Point of View Nov 3, 2009

Ride the Republic–Denton’s POV from Armand Kohandani on Vimeo.

My Texas boys right there. Puckett, Elliot and AJ having fun during the weekend of Ride the Republic.

Ok guys, seriously. More Robsta Craw, AJ talking (in daylight), “Elliot Santillan likes this”, Puckett’s love for my dad and more quarter to bank gaps. Did anyone think of doing ANY of those?


See you guys after the New Year.

Ride the Republic Video
Ride the Republic

  • aj

    haha i dont even remember singing that song. good weekend.

  • shit is craazzzzy man! that was a fun weekend, so tired by the time sat was over, with the race and then freestyle. mannnnnn. I cant wait for sides 3 in a few weeks, its going to be DOPE! man john, you gotta make a run down here to texas soon, and bring your dad, im sure he knows how to wrestle cattle and ride a bull, hes a watson! haha.

  • eric

    i love your mom too. Dont worry.

  • peru

    why all you fools in my house?