Portland Design Works – 3Wrencho Video Nov 16, 2009

3wrencho from PDW on Vimeo.

PDW has posted a straight-forward tutorial showing how to use their 3Wrencho tool. Just like the other videos on their Vimeo account, this one is well-edited, simple and straight forward. Mmmm beer.

Clever idea and as always, great products.

$20 too. Not bad!

  • jeff

    I have one of these, pretty handy when I dont have a bag, but 20 bones!? They’re 9 bucks canadian at mountain equipment co-op! since when does canada get the one-up? haha

  • Vas

    -7 style points for taking the tire completely off the rim.

  • vasisvag

    +7 points for being the world’s best mechanic, vas.