Phoenix: Tom and Wonka in Tokyo Nov 19, 2009

“Tom” and “Wonka” from on Vimeo.

Here it is. What Tom was telling me about earlier today. BOOM. 2-hop to wheelie to 180 off. ARE YOU SERIOUS?


Phoenix: Wonka Short Edit

  • Will B

    Haha I was attempting toms exact line yesterday lol. Wheelie to 180 are fun

  • aj

    holy fuck. tom wins at bikes.

  • tyler Johnson

    That was cool. I like the bum hopping.

  • im riding extra hard tonight because of this

  • rich baldwin

    i quit
    get me a road bike lol
    amazing line

  • will really was trying that line yesterday haha

    tom is getting ups
    i wanted to see that nosewheelie on the bench tho!

  • Zm

    The bum-hopping was really, really lame. Needlessly disrespectful – specially when guests in a country which puts extras emphasis on respect.

  • garamas

    damn even the bums in japan are clean

  • scissorneck

    grow some nuts zm ive hop bums before its not disrespectful its like asking your little brother to lay down so you can hop him, but there pastout……

  • ricotonica

    super mean
    shame on you

  • dontcoast

    Tom’s big line is outrageously great
    the bum hopping…bummer. a bit obnoxious for fairly well off american kids to fly to japan to jump over old broke people

  • Lame.

    Just go hang out with Bam Margera if you think it’s cool bunnyhopping over old homeless people.

  • matthew

    why are you babies so bummed out about hopping over people? if you hate it so much, go to japan and stop them. oh wait, you’re not good enough to be invited…

  • beine

    i doubt that they meant bunnyhopping over people passed out on the ground to be taken as disrespectful in any way. just another object on the ground to jump your bike over

  • Human beings are subjects. They are not objects. This is not the slave trade, and homeless individuals are not tipped over trashcans that someone should just jump over for shits n’ giggles. If you think they were jumped over as a stunt, you are lying to yourself. The point of that shot was obviously tongue in cheek. But hell, they are still my 2 favorite riders out!

  • TOM

    You’re all faggots. Come stop me from jumping bums if you give a fuck.