New Locked Cog Tees Nov 25, 2009

Locked Cog has posted up their new t-shirts. They’ll be available on their website shortly.

  • JOE

    Fuck cars? for real? fixie kids drive cars most the time. so lame.

  • I have no issues with cars in small doses. Hell, I ride my bike to work every day regardless of weather. I don’t even own a subway pass and haven’t used one in years. I’ve only used a car in the city to tow loads and travel outside of NYC.

    My point of view is that everything in excess can be bad. Most US cities’ views on automobiles have proven this. A lot of the cities in the EU make driving more difficult, which is good, but it’s nice to have the option to drive once and a while.

    Something the rest of the US should look into.

  • oh please…its not a political statement…just a funny idea that a friend had. lets get serious!!! Grrrrr.

  • robmyers

    i like the red one

  • and that would have been for mr joe…

    totally agree john. i actually have an old beater truck that i use to haul stuff when needed. however, i do feel that we have become far too reliant on vehicles in this day and age. i know people that would rather drive three blocks to buy a gallon of milk instead hopping on two wheels or hell…even walking!

  • charles

    i dont drive. im 24 and have never gotten my license. it can be an inconvience at times but fuck.. people did it for… i dont know like 9000 years before us??? that was the idea behind the idea this shirt. get back to basics.

  • owen

    i agree with you kris, but bikes are vehicles too. people are too reliant on “motor vehicles.”

  • Ed
  • Bromo sapiens

    It’s a very reductive statement, but that’s what belongs on a tshirt, right? You don’t want to put “I strongly disapprove of the automobile and fossil-fuel hegemony and the inherent disregard for bicycle infrastructure and safety.”

  • aaron

    fuck cars!