MKE Nickle Bar Ends Nov 20, 2009

Love it! Hell, I was doing this with Oury grips even a few years ago.

A tribute to the days when the only thing between your bar and a hole in your grip was a finely placed nickel.

Milwaukee Bicycle co.

  • My old BMX has had the same nickels in the bar plugs since 1998. Ours have beavers on them.

  • riot_hero

    Nice, I have some buffalo head nickles that would look cool in there. To bad I already love my beer mug bar ends.

  • $.10 for bar-ends back in the day, $11.99… holy crashing US economy, 200%+ increase?! Just kidding.

    They look great. Well done!

  • Brain Mash

    Brilliant! That’s just too clever (re. periodic table tribute) to leave alone.

  • what a deal! i’m getting some.