Merckx Mondays Nov 16, 2009

Vintage snobs beware. This week’s Merckx Mondays is a repainted Merckx pursuit with risers! If you’re ok with this, like I am, then continue reading. If not, you may want to skip this week’s entry. Sorry! We’ll return with period-correct builds next week.

I like this build a lot. Not only did they choose to go with the pre-1985 typeface, but they took a frame that is generally uncomfortable to ride and set it up rather tastefully for the street. Sure, some Cinelli Laser bars would look nice, but risers are a legit option. Even some Mavic pursuit bars with a Cinelli 2a would bring this baby some mean lines. The wheels, cranks and cockpit all compliment each other. With 3″ of quill sticking out, the 650c front and pursuit geometry is essentially canceled out.

I’ve been hunting for one of those EM pantographed Nuovo Record posts for quite some time now. This lucky bast has a pristine model!

Overall it’s not a purist’s dream, but it is a nicely done street machine. My only question is I wonder if the chainstays were chromed? If so, woulda been nice to see it exposed..

Via Velospace

  • Mikesaid

    tastefully done, out of the ordinary, but I really like it.I’m curious how well it rides.

  • Devotion

    Uh…What’s up with NOT having a single mention of Eddy Merckx’s weekend in NYC??? One might think “Merckx Monday” might follow “Merckx Sunday”, no?

  • lattanzio

    i never really mind older pursuit bikes like this being reinterpreted and actually ridden instead of sitting in someone’s basement. if it were a nice road frame with the cable stops hacked off and converted… then obviously no, but this is great.

  • Craig

    There’s an original of these (I think…it’s red white and blue and has more chips than I can count) around boston…I think it’s either owned by multiple people or keeps getting stolen and stolen back because I’ve seen at least five different people riding it.

  • Rui

    Sigh, I still will never get the use of risers on a pursuit frame. It like having hairy armpits on a playboy model, I’ll still ride it but it just ruins it for me.

  • rodney king

    “hairy armpits on a playboy model.” that’s a fitting analogy: i prefer hairy, unwashed european women. i love their scent. i’m no snob. give me risers. give me hungarian disco trash. i’ll love them both.