Dan Arel Nov 6, 2009

Dan Arel from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Paulina Goodman shot some footage of Dan Arel riding his new Leader 725tr while Matt Lingo was taking photos. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Leader’s new team and it seems like they’ve got new videos and pictures surfacing every day.

Lookin good Dan!

  • aaron

    point less

  • scissorneck

    ya lets find a semi busy street to piss ppl off to shoot what?????

    find a hill

    do a trick

    do something???

  • allender

    matt rocking the zlog, hell yeah. photo shoot is a photo shoot.

  • Rezilla

    Awesome footage! Don’t listen to the haters!!

  • dontcoast

    the filming and photography’s pretty good.

    seriously lacking in actual riding though.

    i like the music, altough “these days i sit on corner stones…theeeese daaaays” is a bit too appropriate

    at least the rider’s pedalstroke isn’t sloppy.

    does this team have a sign up sheet i missed somewhere?

  • we weren’t looking to go out and shoot tricks or hills, we were just trying to photograph dan on his new bike. the whole thing was shot in ten minutes out in front of my apartment, just a quick shoot for fun that my girlfriend filmed.