AJ on the Wall Nov 14, 2009

pic by Mike Simpson


Edited with a more recent and much more epic pic!

pic by Chris Topherlee

… and here’s AJ the Red hitting a wall ride in (edit) Austin. Chris Topherlee just uploaded a few more shots so head over and checkem out

Third coast fixed!

AJ Austin in San Marcos

  • James

    What wheel set and tire combo is that?

  • Craig-San Marcos, tx

    i walk by this place everyday for school, cool post!

  • aj

    Post that other one that I send you that is way bigger and an actual wall ride!

    … popsicle parents

  • yeah yeah yeah I was out man. HIGH MAINTENANCE LIKE A GIRLFRIEND!

    Get on some popsicle love

  • This wall is just like the one that I did in Canada with all the graffiti. It is hard to make out in pictures, but was almost identical transition.

    Great stuff duder.

  • yo! that spot is in Austin not San Marcos