100% Pure Fighter Final Nov 16, 2009

100%Pure Fighter Final 補正版 from kwast on Vimeo.

Marco, Toku and Kozo going at it here at the 100% Pure Fighter Final in Tokyo. Sounds like Fixika is on the megaphone. Toku’s got a clean hop bar off the wedge around the 3-minute mark. Who won?

Seems like a fitting video for last night’s post I made about 700c fixed DJ bikes

  • Dave

    These dudes are so ill! Just wondering though, what kind of bikes do these guys use? They all look the same, almost like a heard of gangsta tracks… Someone help me out?

  • fixed versions of this:
    video / post

  • Jeff

    alot of fuji frames, mostly the new do-a-trick w-base forks, bmw big bens on 700’s, bunch of w-bases new risers etc.