Wonka’s FGS Edit Oct 30, 2009

Ed Wonka FGS. from Edward LAforte on Vimeo.

Eddie Wonka’s Fixed Gear Switzerland edit. Two words: Piss Bomb. Looks like a blast. Ed’s also getting the wheelie 180’s. The second person to ever do one on a fixed gear. The flat to wall rides are fierce as well. Overall a lot of great lines from someone who is on the forefront of this sport. Have fun in Tokyo for the BFF Ed!

When you coming back to the States man?

  • see you at peel on thursday my plane mands 130 monday morning JFK BOOOOOM!

  • dontcoast

    well patrick’s sure worked on his wheelies!
    the lama frame looks so much slicker than the kilroy but then again wonka would break that.
    ride on bern!

  • lukemc

    what is a wheelie 180 exactly?

  • ario

    Not to be a hater, but it would be great if filmers out there would step there game up and stop forcing all of us to sit through 5:57 of unsteady cameras and poor cinematography to see amazing riding.

  • Ario, It’s a web edit. Not everything can be full HD and shot with dollies and tripods.

    Lukemc, a wheelie 180 is a wheelie to a 180 bunnyhop.

  • crihs

    nice V-neck bro

  • s

    this is hype. i’m not usually into grinds at all but they look more legit at that speed.

  • levenger

    Dang! I like Wonka style. He destroys even when apparently drunk the whole time. I swear I thought he was gonna drink that shit. Bunny hop to wall ride?! Him and Lamarche should have a wall-ride-off. No?