Viking Cycles Norway Oct 14, 2009

Pure Norwegian black Reynolds metal! Not bad. Good geometry for a street track bike. Straight from Tjøme, Norway comes Viking Cycles. Their $599 frameset comes in 5 color choices and 5 sizes. Hand-brazed lugged steel and stamped track ends. Did I mention Reynolds tubing?

I do wonder what their decals and headbadges will end up looking like. They totally need them because if they don’t, the framesets will be lost in the sea of steel track frames on the market.

If you’re interested, they’re taking preorders now.

  • hmmmm

    alien with different track ends?

  • That’s what it looks like. Also explains the JIS headset.

  • Finally!A flat fork crown!

  • Aren’t the Alien frames chromoly?

  • ian

    they have to make the headbadges and decals awesome, vikings are such fertile territory for greatness there.

  • Sab

    if you do a lookup on, it’s Joseph Santaniello, the owner of Alien Bikes.

  • Eric

    @Sab – Thanks for confirming this. There’s a lot of similarities between the Alien site and the new Viking site. Compare the sizing chart.

  • nolan

    The sizing is the same, and owned by the same dude, but Viking is nicer tubing and the Alien frames where made awhile ago when shit was cheaper. I e-mailed him about cause I was curious….