Toku by Sexysushi for Loop Magazine Oct 20, 2009

Sexy Sushi just made a post on his blog outlining how he shot Toku’s portrait for Loop magazine. The shots are a bit old, but the explanation of how he lit the subjects to capture the mood of Shiba Friday is pretty cool. I think that’s what Google translate said anyway!

Reminds me of what Tak does when he shoots us at Peel. Low light and minimal flashes. Be on the look out for Peel, Mishka, Affinity and other NYC people and places in the new issue of Loop. It should be out shortly!

Catch the rest of the shots here.

  • sexysushi

    Didnt know you bother to use translator to read
    my blog. Thanks!!!

    I saw the magazine and Taku`s stuff looks good.

    it was kind of funny that N8 was looking bad ass.
    I was hanging out with “Viva la bici”, and heard
    that he was in SF, but never got to see him.