This is Awesome Oct 6, 2009

It’s a pretty lame fight, but it’s still pretty funny that it escalated from some harsh language to dry-humping in an intersection so quickly. This kind of altercation probably happens frequently. Drivers get pissed at cyclists, yell at them, the cyclist yells back, maybe someone throws something or hits the other and that’s usually it. But this time, a Fox news reporter was there to catch all the action!

Via the NYPost

  • SO the cabbie is caught on video INTENTIONALLY hitting the cyclist with his car, and he’s not cuffed and arrested?

  • CK

    At least the cops responded on time

  • Todd

    What? No U-lock to the skull?

    Of all the fight videos I’ve seen here on Prolly, this one is the lamest…

    But it’s great to have them all accumulated, chronicled and commented on here, in one place.

    I don’t know about New York, but in other states it’s felony attempted murder to intentionally hit someone with your car. “He threw a drink on me” would be a difficult defense to sell to a jury.

  • philthy

    ahhaahhaaa.. dont fuck with foreigners theyll fuck you up they dont have the luxury of good upbringings and art school dropout careers.. hahaha good thing hes prolly on his dads insurance to pay for his injuries… hahahaaaha.. snotty ass bike kids thinkin the world revolves around them.. hahaha

  • Tamikaishere

    I was all over watching this last night on the evening news but my mom totally cock blocked me to watch csi miami.

  • hza

    This was funny… but it was total humping. Could have been hella worse though. @ Least there were witnesses in broad day light.
    Not the luck this dude had:

  • philthy, the pedicab driver looked to be in his 30’s and looked nothing like a art school dropout, or a kid on his parents insurance (which usually is canceled once you graduate from college) and he wouldn’t either be classified as a bike kid.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Alex B.

    LOL, He straight up threw that garbage can at him like the incredible hulk

  • Dang man… was hoping the biker would have gotten a little more gully, but that cabbie had some quick eyes and reflexes on him. My theory is that if they’re crazy enough to start the fight, let ’em have it out until someone’s had enough. They’re consenting adults. At least people in traffic would have had a spectacle to behold instead of waiting for hurt egos and tough talk to lead to a “oh this’ll really work” trash can throw only to be followed by a 3-wheeled getaway down the wrong side of the street.

  • Jon

    i think the cyclist was justified. I agree that it was lame. In all honesty that driver should have a formal complaint placed because he most certainly broke the law.

  • Nick in NOLA

    I ride in NOLA, and this is precisely why my 12″ crescent wrench is the first thing i can get to in my bag.
    no one really wants to fuck with someone with a 2 lb wrench.
    Trashcan throw was hilarious, but he totally missed the cab’s windshield.

  • moneyfire

    Wait, I’m sorry was Fox News advocating for calmer heads to prevail? I’m so confused.

  • Burd

    Cabbie’s got ground game.

  • crihs

    cameo 0=

  • dag

    Lots of humping for a huge loss of dignity. Too bad.

  • Tim

    The cab driver runs the guy on the bike and thinks it’s ok?! Fuck off.
    Just like Slapshot… pull the jersey over the head and then throw em!

  • Andrew

    They both broke laws, but the cyclist was the one who ended up looking like a asshole in this whole debacle.

  • Ed

    The guy is driving a wheelchair accessible cab. Classic!

  • marc

    That is NOT cash cab.

  • Yup, pedicab driver could easily press charges…

  • philthy

    you right john.. kids just gottastop getting so pissy when cars honk horns most of the time they honk for our safety..

  • Mike

    Not down in OC, they honk at us to be stupid and try to scare us 75% of the time. I hate OC…

  • p-la

    HAHAHA i havent watched tv or been on here for a few weeks, this is CRAZY ahahah the incedible hulk trash can throw was impressive hahhaha