The Revival Website is Live Oct 29, 2009


The Revival has launched. Check out the site for rider profiles, premier updates and eventually a webstore where you can buy the dvd. My profile is above and the rest of the riders are here. That’s a lotta heavy-hitters!

I can’t wait for the NYC premiere. Details are forthcoming.

  • mwa

    I can’t wait to check this movie out!!! It’s so rad to see all the kids I know and ride with involved in such an amazing project.

  • Glad we get to be a part of the same project Prolly. Honestly, I never thought I’d be in a video with such rad and progressive riders.

  • Your Mother

    I constantly find it hilarious that 2007-2009 translates for “five years” for you.

    I can’t say I blame you though, I wouldn’t want to world to know that I’m some rich-kid newjack pretending to be an OG.

  • Your Mother,

    Here’s me in February 2005

    While it may not be a track bike, it was still fixed. If you’re lurking on Flickr, know that I didn’t join Flickr until July 2005.

    I moved here in Sept 2004, after arch school; graduated highschool in 1999 and went to architecture school for 5 years. Do the math.

    Thanks for keeping tabs on my life, things must be boring as sin in Missouri.