Ride the Republic Video Oct 20, 2009

Ride the Republic from Daniel Garcia on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the Ride the Republic event last weekend. Smooth, quick lines from AJ and Puckett including a 360 on a quarter and some quick barspin hops to fakie. Then the flatlanders kill everyone. Looks like a fun event!

One thing about the Third Coast kids is their pride for Texas. Where they from? “TEXAS”

Hi Elliot!

Ride the Republic
Desired Hearts x Volume

  • that’s aj tire tapping my nuts at 1:16!

  • xavier


    greatest state in the union

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  • LuLz!

  • AJ

    hahah, elliot santillan, sponsored by balls.

  • thanks guys. i feel as welcomed as a n&%$#@ in jasper texas. i know you guys love me when you drag me from the back of your truck…

  • aj

    elliot loves popsicle stick parents.

  • owen

    peru got beardy

  • cass_kee

    it was great to meet all of the college station riders and party with them… i wish there was some vid of alley cat. also i would like to say the little azn flatlander kid is 12 and fucking owned it.


    What?!?! No footage of mongoose?