More Shiba Kicker Pics Oct 12, 2009

Toku’s toboggan

Once again, I’m posting pics from Shiba Friday in Tokyo. Sexysushi just upped some new shots and they’re really epic. I’m sure by now everyone’s sick of seeing these kickers, but whatever!

Nasty’s barspin

I have no idea how he pulled this off. Look at his hands!

Ted’s no-hander

… and once again, Super Ted with a nice no-handed air.

  • aj

    now just Tuck it Ted!

  • TOM

    These all came out so sick.

  • sexysushi

    Thanks again JP.
    I need to go to NY again to shoot more

  • Jeff

    any clue what gearing that might be on nastys bike, 28×13 or something close? i cant find a micro gear chart but if you has a 13t cog what would be a reasonable small ring size up front that you could ride and get somewhere?