Brooklyn Banks Update Oct 23, 2009

Gothamist has an update on the closing of the Brooklyn Banks… Doesn’t look good. Some people are even saying it shouldn’t be re-opened as a park!

The city has made up its mind. Come December, the Brooklyn Banks will be boarded up and transformed into a construction area for the Brooklyn Bridge rehabilitation project, Scott Gastel, spokesperson for the city Dept. of Transportation told Downtown Express.

Read the rest of the story here.

  • Lucass

    Such a shame.

  • dontcoast

    downtown express reports: “Rodriguez said he’s ready to fight for the Banks again and could easily get hundreds of people to turn out to a public hearing on the closure. Even if the city left 30 percent of the space intact, that would be enough room for people to skate, Rodriguez said.”

    sounds like the skaters might be getting organized. where the bike people at?

  • krillz

    lets chain ourselves to colums. im serious.

  • tbm

    wow, for such an iconic and legendary spot to go down like this is actually pretty sad. Hope things work out…

  • mik

    yeah, make it a park! no bikes anymore!
    great idea!!!!!!

  • chrisnyc

    Mik, it already is a park