Brooklyn Banks to be Closed Oct 16, 2009


Sad but true. No date yet on when it will close.

The city plans to use the internationally known Brooklyn Banks skate park as a staging area during the Brooklyn Bridge reconstruction, which is starting later this year and will last until 2014, said Ralph Musolino, a district manager for the city Parks Dept.

Via Downtown Express

  • aj

    WHAAAAAAA, prolly use your ginger magic and fix this shit.

  • krillbo baggins

    i think they did this in like 94 or so also. not for construction but i remember it being filled with cop cars for a season or two.

  • julio

    damn that fucking sucks. i gotta come up and ride it before it closes down

  • fuck

  • Lame.

  • Wow

    Good Riddance! Its about time that shit hole gets some time off.

  • Tom Briggs

    This is probably the worst news I have ever heard. I honestly feel sad reading that.

  • Vas

    daaamn. what a fuck?
    i really hope this “plan” falls through.

  • On my visit to NY, I rode there everyday to warm up. Best place to ride, I had never ridin anywhere else that is that much fun. Rest In Peace
    Has anyone thought of a protest, Say that this is spot for the youth to say out of trobule.

  • mike

    who cares about riding it, what about skating it? i mean im sure it is cool for riding but what about the history it has in terms of skateboarding. riding or skateboarding, this really does suck though

  • aopp

    damn thats no good. hopefully this will inspire all of you out there riding the banks to go and find new spots! my condolences though…

  • Fuck this shit. We should do something. This is not about finding new spots to ride. This is a historic place, and a part of the urban fabric that can’t be replaced, remade, or replicated.

  • matts

    truly a sad day. I hope they have some killer jams before it gets closed off.

  • Dillan

    fuck this we need to start a patition or something they cant shut this down i haven’t even got to ride it…i always wanted to since i started skateboarding which was like 10… come on Prolly u could be the one to save this place….but everyone has to contribute

  • taylor

    are they closing if for good? or just while the work on the bridge? shit i gotta ride them before they go :/

  • Sparrow

    Unbelievable, I remember brooklyn banks being on tony hawks pro skater 1 or 2, not too sure. Still, look on the bright side, it will be back in 2014!

  • mango

    i think bikers and skaters should have a huge jam soon to show the city how much the spot means to us….and if they still decide to close it off then we should have a jam at a government building in nyc.

  • prolly said they are just using it for staging. so does that mean they arent tearing it down, their just gonna close off the area till the bridge is done? or are they gonna do some major construction on it and relocate the pillars that hold up the bridge? cause that would fuck some shit up!

  • dontcoast

    so you newyorkers havent started a freaking campaign yet?

    I really like mango’s idea of having a huge jam to publicize the importance of the place.

    maybe some big skate/bmx sponsors can contribute to every rider in the city for this one, they might have more leverage and $$$. doubt you can get them to take on the city tho.

    DIY guys, ive never been but from all ive heard this spot’s worth fighting for.

  • Curly

    Try a petition to UNESCO and banks could be the part of the world haritage.

  • It will just be closed during construction.

  • Joao

    “Just during construction” means 4 years minimum. And the way these things go, 4 years is probably a very conservative estimate.

    I moved to NYC in summer of 83, and back then that place was already full of BMXers and skateboarders pulling tricks, myself included. Spent many hours there, and still have the scars to prove it. It would be a shame to see it closed for so long.

  • I was there the day when they closed the smaller upper section of the banks. Close to 10 years ago now. We were all just skating like we always did when this dude in a fork lift just barges up right in the middle of us with these 20′ highway dividers and starts dropping em in front towards the bottom. No one said anything at all or told us to watch out. Everyone was like: WTF is going on?!! Realizing there was nothing we could do about it, my friends and I spent the next five or so minutes taking turns spotting for each other and ollieing the wall into the off ramp. As each barrier came down closer to the part easiest to hit, we would move over to the section that was lower making it harder to hit off of. But when that last barrier came down that was it. No more Brooklyn Banks. The lower part was still open but wasn’t as popular to skate at the time as the smaller upper part and of course, no wall ollie. It was a sad day and I’m glad I was there to skate it right up until the last minute. I feel like they eventually took the barriers away but with all the cars parked there it was always a bust. The fact that the rest is being closed now really fucking sucks! All us locals need to make it a point to head over there to get our last sessions in..

  • Dirk

    Time to convince them to rehab the upper banks while they use the rest as a parking lot. Back to the Banks jam could fund it–that and some private $.

  • john

    this is bull im not lettting this happen right before their gonna start the construction im gonna jump right in there hold my board up high with all the other people that care bout that place and not let them do this its like taking away the fucking empire state building from new yorkers!

  • dylan

    Guys. i want to skate here as bad as anyone. to this day, THPS2 new york level and THUG manhattan area are my fav. places to pretend skate. just because i live so far from the real thing. But, you cant say its like taking away the empire state building. they HAVE to do work to the bridge. HAVE TO. hear that. if your local highway was falling apart wouldnt you want it fixed? i just hope that it doesnt get ruined by the large equipment and the construction under the off/ on ramp. 4 years is a long time to wait, but ill get there. and hopefully ill be able to skate it when i get there.