BMX Downhill Rotterdam Oct 23, 2009

Pretty fucking rad little BMX video for the weekend. The Rotterdam waterfront is a great place. You can see the Erasmus brug in the background. Perfect spot to ride. These two BMXrs, Mark Vos and Boy Janssen decided to downhill one of the many buildings on the riverfront. No idea what building it is (thought it was the back of the KPN, but it’s not) and this is more than likely fake, but it’s still a rad video!

  • Alucard Belmont

    my dad lives 4 blocks away from that building its called the Willemswerf building, its really nice built and it has one of the biggest bike garages in rotterdam.

    thats jackie chan pulling a stunt on that building .


  • slkdfj

    Is that shit for real? That last gap to the street is like two stories…and at that speed…???

  • jonnyneedledick

    why even consider it real? i mean there are so many cut points in that jam at the end … plus its hella sloppy compositing . but im down with EL foil to light up bikes … heh

  • Julian M.

    that gap is actually like five stories…. i dunno if that shit is for real. IT’S WILD THOUGH!!!

  • tommyt

    not an fn chance in hell that it’s for real. but it’s sweet. that dude eats it hard at the end too…

  • iamblichus

    you know that some nub in rotterdam is going to watch this clip, think it’s real and then go try it out.

    ….. splat.

  • risto

    hehe, this is for sure not real.

  • James

    Nice! Anyone knows who made the song?