AJ Austin is on MKE Oct 29, 2009

A Texan on Milwaukee? What’s next? A ginger kid riding fixed? Oh wait.

AJ Austin has been brought onto the Milwaukee team. My red-bearded brethren has been thrashing a Bruiser for a little while now and has been killing armadillos and rattlesnakes the whole time. Yesterday Milwaukee picked him up and I’m stoked for the duder.

Now for the real issue, have you seen this man?

Ride the Republic Video
Eric Puckett & AJ Austin weekend edit


  • You’re my boy Red!

  • ahahahahhahahha.


    you dont even know what you have just done!
    oh btw yes seeing as i pulled pucketts life back together the next morning, i have.

    oh man, everyones getting sponsored. i think i got what it takes to be sponsored by someone. Anyone but Bawls energy drink. DIE IN A FIRE if you mention that.

  • aj

    elliot, stick to world of war craft.

  • dannyg


  • The third coast post. When are you guys going to put a ginger team together and throw down upon all of those with tans?

  • mia

    i heard he stole a toyota fj and is hustlin guns and drugs and bawls in mexico. but someone else told me hes workin as a mudfisherman in tokyo and has caught chlamydia.

  • I heard he was moving to NYC but got held up in Florida for some TPP

  • jpp

    i heard that fool drinks shit coffee.

  • I heard he has the strength of 10,000 baby chimpanezees

  • hahaaaaaa! Kareem wins!

  • Angel Nunziata

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