Polishing Sep 10, 2009


Spent a good amount of time polishing up my Cinelli 1a stem and Cinelli Pista bars. The clamp area was really nicked up and in bad condition. Without removing the shield engraving, I was able to clean it up pretty well. Now I just need to go over it one more time. Pics to come once they’re on the Merckx.

Maybe I’ll post a tutorial on how to polish stems in the near future if there’s any interest.

  • Fred

    keep it shinin’

  • 6refeuge

    Polishing parts is fun, looks like you agree.

  • Awww, no nekkid reflection?

  • Next time you dirty slut, next time.

  • Jeff

    I vote for a stem polishing tutorial.

  • blair

    definitely interested! knowing is half the battle!

  • chris

    Yes to the polishing demo!

  • Adam

    5th’ed on the Yes!

  • 120spaced

    YES! please post a tutorial!!

  • Yes Please, a tech on polishing stems would be great.

  • Cool. I have a 110 NOS Cinelli 2a that’d be perfect. I’ll work on a tutorial next week.

  • lady_rachel

    ha! i was just over there admiring this…it’s pretty!

  • lhansberger

    stem polishing, oh the humanity. so many puns…

    but, yeh, i have a seatpost (ha!) what needs polishing, running up the gamut wet/dry sandpaper, currently on 1200g. what polish do you recommend??

  • Mikesaid


    For car wheel lip polishing, but it’s the same concept, you can skip the air craft stripper though, if you do decide to use it, be careful, that shit hurts, and is super toxic.