NYC Thief Gets His Sep 8, 2009

Bike Thief vs Street Justis from triple on Vimeo.

FUCK YES. Street justice. The thieves in NYC have been running wild the past few weeks.

Story Urban Cyclist:

Here’s the story. I was having brunch on first ave and first street with a a couple of friends including Alfred .It was a pretty sunny day and a good there was a good amount of pedestrian traffic .Nothing unusual. Alfred went out to make a call and spotted someone looking over his bike. Nothing unusual ,he got a hot ass cannondale with hot ass wheels.the guy was average looking,had a helmet and a bag.looked like your average joe casual biker.Suddenly this dude gets on his knees and pulls out a drill.At first Alfred thought he wanted to steal his wheels,until he saw the drill.Is this what it has come out to?!people stealing bike with drills?Anyways as he was getting ready to drill the ulock,Alfred comes in the restaurant and yells,!yooooo someones trying to steal my bike,lets go get him.and let me tell you this ass hole tried stealing the wrong bike.first it was a bike messengers bike and second it was Alfred’s bike and the motherFkr got a temper we roll out to this dude and start pounding first instinct was to get my U lock and bang on him,but my bike was already locked up so , we bumbrushed this dude and started pounding him.Everybody is watching and wondering why this dude is being plumeted ,but at that point we don’t give a fuck.we had to make sure this asshole dosen’t do it personal i have had 2 bikes stolen,in like a month apart.fuck that shit.he did’t even look like a bike thief!so while pounding him i reach out to put my phone in my pocket and realized i had a camera on my wait.i pulled it out and captured the second half of the beating!

Sorry it’s so hard to read, but you get the idea.

I fully support this, unlike the u-lock justice video, this guy deserved what he got. Note that the guys who jumped him, didn’t over-do it. They landed a few kicks and one or two punches. The guy wasn’t bleeding or banged up. Just enough to send a message. DON’T STEAL BIKES. Cops won’t do anything and this guy will think twice about stealing bikes.

  • ruairi

    that’ll learn him!

  • Damn, striped-shirt dude’s stance at :16 is pretty aggressive. Definitely not his first rodeo!

  • Lunchbox

    Glad to see someone getting what they deserve. Maybe this will encourage others not to steel bikes or bike parts.

  • streets of nyc go hard, haha

  • ryan

    right on right on

  • You can take a messenger out of the streets but you can never take the streets out of a messenger.

  • localoverground

    ya love the gypsy boxer bounce that dude does. hilarious.

  • B

    Got what he deserved. Sure of it, he was back at it within the hour. That is the nature of things.

  • Mr Striped Shirt knows how to hit.

    I’d always wondered how I’d react if I saw somebody try to steal my bike.

  • Vas

    fuck that dude.
    he got off easy. wish i was there to land a punch or two.
    trying to apologize too… wow.

  • mongchacha

    so much joy in my effing heart right now.

  • That RULES! This is the dream of many after their bike gets stolen…

  • Edward Scoble

    Thank fuck he didn’t use a d-lock!

  • Rich

    I hate to say this, but I doubt this will stop him at all.

  • So it’s cool to chase someone and kick them while they are down, but swinging a U-Lock to get someone out of your face is wrong?

    I’m confused Prolly. Is it a no blood no foul type thing? Or is it only ok to fight if you have 2 people backing you up instead of a weapon (although, U-locks aren’t weapons technically). It seemed like the guy would’ve U-locked him if it was available.

    Either way I don’t condone violence, but where do you draw the line?

    Just food for thought, chew on it.

    Oh I made this circle chart to help anyone who is as confused as I am. Peep it here ( and print out in case you get in a fight and aren’t sure what is ethical or not.

  • erikerik

    that motherfucker is jacked. and that bike thief (bro) needs a helmet tutorial.

  • Dalton

    Is it sad that this made me feel almost as good as the end of inglorious basterds did?

  • JeffS

    Nice job. Maybe, just maybe he will think twice next time.

  • lol

    what i learned from this video:

    saying bro a lot will keep someone from stealing your bike. bro.

  • sea kay

    +1 on the not overdoing it. dude could have got smashed on but more or less was taught(hopefully) a lesson.

  • thought youd like this tattoo i did a while back…

  • anon

    ok, stealing bikes is not cool at all.
    but attacking a guy who clearly is not able to fight back is just weak.
    guess those hipsters were on some power trip.
    hope that the video goes viral and they get their asses sued

  • meh.

    yeh that was really the best way to go about it.

    nice one america.

  • LoRoK

    I agree with most of what people are saying about this: The dude deserved it, it could have been much worse, and the cops wouldn’t do shit to the thief had they been called. I really hope that with this video blowing up like this that those same cops don’t go after these dudes for giving the thief a little pumpkinhead. Seems almost like it’s inevitable that it will, though.

  • sau

    I know some people may disagree with the use of violence. but it seems like a proper use of fists. the guy had a DRILL. this guy was serious about stealing bicycles. he was not some joe who was trying to steal a bicycle once…he was prepared. gosh darn bicycle thieves.

  • That has made my freaking day.

  • jerm

    i can’t believe there are people actually feeling sorry for that guy… piece of shit was an experienced thief, so he got off pretty easy with a few knocks.

  • Don’t Steal Bikes Bro

  • Ribs

    I’m not cool with violence. However, if you’re a bike thief, you know that one day, something like this is going to happen. You accept that risk the moment you relieve them of their possession. So, unless he’s mentally challenged, then he deserved it.

  • Anon

    I remember a local case of vigilantism about 10 years ago where the vigilante hit the victim, and the victim fell and hit his head on the concrete and died. The vigilante was subsequently convicted of homicide. Once you’ve protected your person or your property, that’s where you should stop. Don’t risk ruining your life or someone else’s.

  • I have mixed feelings about this. From an intellectual perspective, I believe I’d reason it’s not so smart to go after a thief like that, for reasons some of the others already gave. Watching this made my adrenaline rise quickly, though…I cannot say I wouldn’t have gone after him like that too, had I been there in the moment, and caught him trying to steal my bike. I’m just sayin’.

  • jakerock

    Hitting folks never solved shit. Just makes a-holes out of victims.
    “If you hit, eat shit.”

  • Vittore

    You were too soft to him.

    next time do this:

  • Michael Scott

    Last week I tackled an old ass dude trying to take my bike, guy was slick as shit about it too. I saw him lying there on the ground and wanted to kick he’s teeth in, but I stopped myself. I couldn’t live with the fact I beat up someone’s grandpa. This guy though? Who knows it a moral dilemma? Grandpa was drunk and thought he lucked into a good piece of action, this guy went looking for it with tools and a helmet WTF!?! All said and done I think they both had it coming.

  • wardy

    why did this vid get removed, while the u-lock justice vid still flies high? If anything seems like it should have been the other way around. no?

  • Ryan Lee

    I think it’s a total cop out to say “Cops won’t do anything.” It’s possible they won’t do anything but not likely. These guys could have apprehended the thief and waited for popo to arrive but they opted for street justice.

    Given the description of the bike, the value would most likely be over $1,000 which is Grand Larceny, 4th degree. It’s a felony.

  • Gene

    You seriously need to post this video to multiple sources since YouTube doesn’t have a backbone (of the moral kind, that is).

  • AdamOdes

    The thief appeared pretty “out-of-it” and defenseless. Would the beatdown have occured if he was 6’6″ of burly meaness and wreaked of violence?

  • Brendejo Chingon

    Please post this to LiveLeak maybe? It’ll stay up there for sure. I’m frothing at the mouth to see this punk ass thief get broke off…

  • lauren

    Interesting that this video was taken down by you-tube, but the U-Lock beating video remains.

  • Cstich

    I think people need to stop whining about “use of butality” and “Ohhh, I hope they get sued”. Cry me a river. I’m sure if you caught someone stealing you’re car you would lay a few hits on the thief. The guy was trying to steal a bike worth a lot of money and he got exactly what he deserved after being caught red-handed. In my personal opinion, he got off easy. For all you nay-sayers, suck it up, life isn’t as black and white as you make it seem. PS Do you really think that the New York City PD really give two shits about a messengers bike ALMOST getting stolen? Come on.

  • heather loop

    if some one tried to steal my bike i would burn down brooklyn and curb stomp who evers cooters and cocks that got in my way! if you are trying to steal a bike which is part of someone’s livelihood and their way of making a living/surviving that’s fucked up. guess all you people who dont condone violence dont work on your bike! dont fuck with nyc messengers. we are the last people you want to piss off.

  • the video’s down for good…

  • jason

    anyone know if they plan to post the video somewheres else? got a link? i wish i saw it. actually a ton of other vid sites will host this no prob.

  • Joel

    Please post some sites that will host the video. Google/ You Tube is too restrictive. They terminate accounts based on just any unsubstantiated complaint.

  • bro
  • J

    That thief deserve more that what he got. Those guys were pretty restrained.
    With all this talk of violence, suing and ganging up on the poor thief. How about the VICTIM!
    There are a lot of victims out there with their property stolen, their ride stolen and in this case, would have been his paycheck stolen from him.
    I hope every cyclist see this video and give this thief shit for the rest of his life!

  • LBCsprints

    I think this guy got off easy! It could have been a whole lot worse for him.
    U-lock justice is in this guy’s future because He is probably right back at it.

  • Can someone post the video somewhere else? It’s been removed from YouTube. Please and thank you.

  • El_Gordo
  • john
  • whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cool.

    All this shit smell like fascism, or like dumbass hell’s angels code of honor. if you don’t want that your bike being stolen during day, don’t buy a “hot ass cannondale with hot ass wheels”.

    Thief in this vids seem’s at least ridiculous as the three courageous avangers.

  • Aizen

    Hahaha @ prolly. But it’s true, bike messengers need the bikes to earn their keep, stealing theirs aside from being someones mode of transportation, it’s their sidekick, as for the whiners who ” hope they get sued or such” if a cheeky bastard tried to steal your girls bag are you seriously incinuating that you’d let the dude walk off with your girls stuff?? You’d probably wait around for 5-0 fill out a report lol only to be lost forever in a mirad of enless paperwork stacked on some poor clerks desk, whilst the goods have been, for lack of a better term, disposed of. You attempt. You get caught. Suck it up cause your gonna get it 7 ways till Sunday! Dude got off easy though

  • darren

    Anyone seen the movie “the bicycle thief?”

  • drinky crow


    i suppose you live in a brokedown shack, with nothing of value and thus don’t care if anything you own gets stolen. poor argument.

    @ ZLOG, i’d draw the line at the point where he’s trying to steal my property. if you’re brazen enough to try to steal someone else’s property in the middle of the day, expect to get the shit kicked out of you or worse when you get caught. i don’t care about people ganging up on him. maybe he shouldn’t have been stealing bikes. regardless, he got off easy. where do YOU draw the line to fight to defend your property? when someone breaks into your house? is everything else just *call the police and hope for the best*?

    oh, and if you think the police or anyone else is going to stop bike theft, watch this:

  • worthless shitheads

    You’re a bunch of fucking worthless shitheads beating up on someone who can’t defend themselves. Clearly you’re Bush supporters, as you don’t believe in the rule of law or any kind of constitutional protection of innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW. I bet every single one of you fuckers has whined about Bush’s cowboy vigilantism and here you are carrying that stupid shit out. Fucking morons. You stopped your bike from getting stolen, leave him alone. All this does is escalate shit anyway, and the next time you catch a bike thief who isn’t clearly remedial and in need of care and who knows what he’ll pull on you.

  • john

    From Denmark, and this is how you catch a bike thief.

  • Berkeley Paul

    If you are a bike thief you have to anticipate that getting caught is part of the risk you take when you purposely steal other peoples property. Think of how many other bikes this guy had taken. He had his whole system down.

    By pulling that drill out the thief started a whole chain of events that really made the whole thing his fault. He will remember that for a while, and it wasn’t that much of a beating; he wasn’t knocked unconscious or was even bleeding.

    I should make “Dont Steal Bikes, Bro” into a bike frame sticker.

  • Ted

    Maybe if it was just one of them hitting him, but jumping someone like that was cowardly.

  • you ever had a fuckin’ bike stolen?

    no remorse. scum of the the fuckin’ earth. this motherfucker got off easy. hipster this hipster that. piss off you over pc fucking maggots. live in the city long enough…..

  • sean

    my bike just got nicked about an 2 hours ago and Ive only just got home from searching i can tell you if i saw the guy taking it, it would of been a lot worse than this.

    bike thieves cant steal with broken legs…..

  • Dirty Harry

    If that rat bastard had done that here he’d be found swinging upside down from a telephone pole with more than just a black eye. Should have throw his stealin ass out in front of a cab

  • Allen

    Sorry, folks – I live in Chicago and had FOUR bikes stolen in less than 6 months. This thief absolutely got what was coming to him, and the blame for this incident falls squarely on him. He gave up the right to not get his ass kicked the minute he decided to steal bicycles. And, no – the police DO NOT CARE and WON’T DO SQUAT, so trying to make the thief into a “poor, sad victim of vigilantism OMG UR JUST LIKE GEORGE BUSH!!11!!1!” doesn’t fly here. The thief got caught in the act by the person he was trying to rip off, he got slapped around and humiliated, and he lost his bike-stealing tools. BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME!

  • deforge

    Mommy, why are they beating up Rain-man?

  • CrazyPhukka

    I would have taken his drill and re-enacted a scene from the movie “Blood Sucking Freaks”


  • Ray M.

    Awesome….he deserved everything he got.


    Fucking bike thiefs! once someone tried to steal my bike, he escaped and was hiding in the bushes,
    well…so i gave him a full uppercut!
    In Holland many bikes get stolen, but if i see someone stealing my bike i will kick the shit out of him, i do not have the money for a car.


    hahaha “i’m against violence.” only rich kids have the fucking gall to make such a statement (i.e. “just buy another bike”). This guy was willingly playing a game that has very dangerous possibilities: being a thief can get you arrested or hurt. he “knew the risks,” as they say, and if he didn’t want to lose he SHOULDN’T HAVE PLAYED THE GAME.

  • Grormit

    Coooooooool. I’d have made him strip naked and yell out THERE HERE!!! while chasing him down streets till he got picked up on a psych charge. Perhaps tie him up with a cardboard sign around his neck: IM A THIEF. either way buddy got more than he bargained for.

  • ryan

    Looks like striped shirt has had some muay thai training…nice low kick and right back into a proper stance. Nice work.

  • James

    @ZLOG: Judging by that buffet of pretty bikes with expensive parts piss poorly locked on your Flikr account, it’s no wonder you’re a little confused about what is necessary when dealing with bike thieves. I can only assume that you haven’t experienced the loss of a few grand on bikes and bike parts. The soft johnson with the drive by U-Lock was a little over zealous, I admit. He should have jumped off the bike and given dude a fair one if it was that serious but hey, shit happens in the streets. I don’t know how they do it in Seattle but my man at the deli says it every day, “In my country, they cut off your hand.”

  • esco2

    No offense you niggas are straight up pussys! neither of you swing a fist or throw a kick lmao! if you were dealing with a real nigga you cats would of been fucked. “don’t steal bikes bro” Imao! sounds more like fuck me up the ass bro lol nah im just playing…….life sucks you love it… lol live and breath it lol