Here in Japan Sep 18, 2009

Pic by Hardcore 100%

Shiba Friday was such a blast! Met all the Japanese tricksters! Nasty, Toku, Kyoichi, Fixika, Malco, Homework and others. Super stoked to be here guys! Thanks!

Even though I hurt my ankle on my first night, I still had fun. Now I have to ice my ankle down every 3 hours. Sucks!

  • ur a n8

    Do hippos really have ankles?

  • jealous

  • RA

    you must be a celeb out there

  • N8, hippos do have ankles, just very large. I found a shoe that prolly designed for his kind too


    Nice shot.

    I want to see sparrow jump!

    where’s the gap section?

  • prolllllyyyyyyy be careful