Cinelli 2010 Models Sep 10, 2009



Gazetta color option

Supercorsa Road

Supercorsa Pista

Of course I’m omitting all the carbon and aluminum road bikes and the Vigorelli, but here’s the Cinelli fixed gear model line for 2010. Well, all fixed but one; I had to post that gorgeous Supercorsa road frame! The Supercorsa Pista is a perfect model for the vintage crowd and the Gazetta is addressing the “brightly colored” market with 4 colors; gray, purple, green and yellow.

Overall Cinelli does it again! Thanks for the catalog Ben!

  • Loving the colors on that Blue Gazetta

  • hmm.

    does this mean that they will be coming out with more MASH frames?

  • antihero1972

    the Mash frames are so awesome!! i wish i could afford one.

  • mike

    sad. just very very sad.

  • robotphood

    Pricing on the Gazetta?

  • lhansberger

    man, that supercorsa! lovely. i think superchampion here in van has one of last years ‘corsa pistas in the same green/chrome or so (might be this year? not sure).

  • hza

    what about that Mash Green & White build they had @ INTERBIKE??