Bruiser vs. Sputnik Sep 15, 2009


At a recent polo tournament, a Jamis Sputnik t-boned a Milwaukee Bruiser. Both riders went down and when they got to their feet, the Jamis owner noticed a massive crimp in his downtube and top tube. His fork also snapped off. The Bruiser? Just a tiny dent.

Brad from Urban Velo just posted this pic too!


  • goddamnit. hurry up october so i can get one of these beasts

  • Haley

    Overbuilt steel is stronger than carbon, aluminum, and heavily butted Reynolds 631? No way!!!!

    I always knew the Sputnik wasn’t up to being a trick-beast like they advertised it! Jamis fail!

  • har har har.

    All I was saying was it looked like a nasty wreck. Of course it’s not a trick bike and of course it’s not going to hold up against a tank…

  • oneangrytoast

    i seriously wanna see the dent in the bruiser just to laugh at how small it probably is.

    reminds me when i rear ended a suburban. dude gets out, and dusts off his hatch gate, no damage. haha

  • hustlejr

    Carbon steerer on a polo bike?


    Right New York? Did I do it right? Can I hang out with you guys now?

  • veeco

    that jamis has made it through several years of really hard polo. and it became shane’s polo bike only after another friend wrecked it. the down tube was already a little crimped right up behind the head tube. all in all i’d say it stood up to its fair share of abuse.

  • First off I would like to send my condolences to the Jamis owner. That sucks dude. No one likes a broken bike. Even if you were playing polo, where bikes seem to fold and break like paperclips. Hopefully you have another bike man. Sorry.

    Second I just want to say that if you happen to be playing polo against someone on a Bruiser and the thought of T-boning someone or crashing into them or anything involving bike to bike contact crosses your mind…DON’T DO IT! Your bike will most likely get thrashed while the Bruiser will just pop back up with a few scratches in the paint. I’m not saying that you need to avoid contact, just for your bikes sake, take it easy.
    Just sayin

  • mwa

    That was the second Bruiser I’ve gotten to ride. The first was Justin Av’s medium, a proto he got from you Prolly. That one was the second one I got to ride. It’s a small size and is awesome. I rode it at the North American polo tourney. What a sweet bike!

  • TD

    Joe from MKE is bringing his to the 7th Midwests, and allowing anyone to give it a spin. I can’t wait to see how it handles.

  • Julian M.

    This is why i use my Sputnik to mash, only… if i’m going to start doing tricks, i’m getting a Bruiser.!

  • boyonbyke

    S T E E L IS R E A L

  • Hey! That’s my bike!

    Shane t-boned me going full speed off the joust. I heard a loud CRACK, we both went soaring into the air, when we got up Shane was holding his bars but the rest of his bike were several feet away.

    I think this wreck sold about a half dozen Bruisers.

    There is a dent visible in the photo.. just to the right of my pedal on the down tube. it’s easier to feel than to actually see.