All City Sheriff Stars Sep 5, 2009


I’m down in North Carolina for the weekend and was planning on taking this time to be away from the internet. On the drive down, I got an email from Jeff at All-City showcasing their new Sheriff Star hubs. So here I am, posting them up. Although I’m pretty sure they’ve already made their rounds on the blogs.


Now don’t be confused, these aren’t the delicate Corsa Record Pista hubs, these are a new breed of fixed gear freestyle hubs. Bolt on axles and beefy! Jeff doesn’t give us an ETA, but expect them to be at Interbike this year! I dig em man! Hopefully I can test a pair out.

More pics are at the All-City blog.

  • dingdong

    What kind of chain line do they expect to be running? It looks as if the flanges on the rear hub are so close together that it wont be possible to build a strong wheel…. Unless of course those are 135 spaced..

  • john

    so these are female axle like a g-sport hub?

  • actually the flanges on the rear are wider than on our standard hubs. standard track chainline