8 years ago Sep 11, 2009

Photo © Daniel Stein / iStockPhoto

Nothing can be said that hasn’t been said before. I wasn’t here when it happened 8 years ago but one thing’s for certain, this City has yet to recover.

  • pd

    Where were you from originally?

  • Wilmington, NC

  • Paul

    How can you say it has yet to recover if you don’t know what it was like before? As someone who’s lived here all my life, the city is definitely operating at or better than how it was on sept 10th, 2001. Not to say they’re aren’t problems, I just don’t think that the twin towers falling had to do with most of them.

  • Emotionally. I know enough people, including family that lived here to know that.

  • BankBank

    Why did you capitalize “City”?

  • A lot of people capitalize “City” when referring to Manhattan or NYC.

  • *TC

    Loose change. Watch it on youtube. Talk about an Evil Empire.