Vimby Showcases Future Tense Aug 11, 2009

VIMBY – Future Tense

Vimby’s been making their rounds to all the fixed gear events across the US. This episode takes us to Seattle where Future Tense takes place. Looking good guys. Great riding and filming.

Via Zlog

  • ron mexico

    hipster scene point documentary.
    some new tricks though!
    rad stuff

  • slopski

    that 360 from the kick ramp was messy. tyler looks messy in general here. hard to watch after seeing how smooth lamarshe is in that other vid. still good seeing the seattle has a booming fixie scene. parking lot circuits look fun.

  • Meh. Everyone has their moments. It’s hard to be filmed by a 3rd party. Especially when you have no say in what makes the cut. I doubt Tyler had any input on the editing. Besides, the tricks he does are pretty smooth.

    I will bust Zack’s balls a bit for calling Justin Av’s 540 cab a 360 tap.


  • haha i picked up on that too. nerdin out.

  • Prolly, Right after I said 360 tap 3 other people were telling me it was a 540. Of course that had to make it into the video. Figured you would be the first to call me out on it haha.

  • hahahaha

  • Yea i was kinda bummed they didnt include the barspin i landed off that kicker or the smooth 3s. That one was by far the worst. Also my bike was super jacked up at this future tense. I could hardly wheelie on it cause i had yet to figure out the trick to the profile cranks.

    O well still won! boo ya hahahah

  • Keep

    I thought tyler made that shit look good considering his frame was cracked lol.