Velo Cult Is Alive! Aug 19, 2009

After months of work, Velo Cult has finally launched their website. It’s filled with bike porn in the museum and littered with stunning bikes for sale in their shop.

Even if you can’t drop loot on the bikes, their tshirts and jerseys are really nice and affordable.

Site looks really nice guys. Good job!

  • yo dat shit don’t work b

  • it does, it’s just running really really slow.

  • sorry, we launched and got nailed, i am working very hard to make sure we are 100% up and running anytime now.

  • crihs

    thats funny that you posted this. i was just there. really nice looking shop.

  • we have “relaunched” softly at the moment. we got his w/ a pretty malicious attack. over 30k hits from IP address that are not coming from real people. work is being done to keep the site live, but if you see slowness or more problmes, just know we are working on it.

    thank you John for posting this and the kind words about the shop!

  • Darkthrone references FTW!…

  • FINALLY! Someone got it!

  • Gene Kahn

    ***Hey, that’s my bike! a classic 1977 Raleigh
    Team Record I found abandoned (sort of)on the streets, same colors, now re-born (after much expense) as a great fixie. Can’t beat good old
    “531” lugged steel.