Tom X-Up Aug 8, 2009

Tom hit me up last night and said he was rollin to NYC. We rolled all over and ended up finishing the day in Tribeca. Here he is, tucked up in a proper and legit x-up off the kicker. Note the Hold Fast straps! Video to come…

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  • Tom Rules.

  • since when is bowlegged ‘tucked in and proper’?? tom shreds.. im just saying though..

  • Indiana

    I was just thinking about x-ups. They really couldn’t get more legit…

  • AJ

    do work tom!

  • Jarshy

    the seats just keep getting lower and lower…

  • Jarsy, I can assure you Tom doesn’t ride with a low saddle. His legs are extended properly. He never slams that shit.

    See here

    Emil, have you seen how wide his bars are? haha

  • jayrow

    Looks big. Arms are clicked. The effort/energy is impressive. It’s bowlegged as a veteran cowboy though. Dial that in for max steez point.

  • Tom

    It’s funny you said that.. as soon as I saw the photo I said aw fuck I’m bow legged like a motherfucker. I can’t not do them bow legged on my fixed. I just can’t get behind the saddle enough. Jarshy can suck my dick you can’t even see my saddle in that photo, and it its proper height shithead.

  • delco douchebag

    pop off get money 2009