Show Us Your Bruisers and Get 20% Off Aug 20, 2009

Tony Fast Pro Model pic by Andy T

Milwaukee just announced via their blog the creation of their online gallery of Bruisers. If you send them in your pics of your build, they’ll post them to the Galley and their Flickr. In addition to posting them, they’ll also send you a 20% discount code to be used on their webstore. Not bad right?

I know there’s a ton out there! The smalls and mediums have sold out.

  • headbandana

    this is such a great idea! good marketting and community incentives bring smiles to my face.

  • julio

    do prototypes count? hehe

  • Man this makes me so jealous! I want to build one up so bad! Just finished my Leader and can’t justify anymore spending : (

  • Burd

    Gee, a Bruiser gallery on the MKE website. What a great idea. I wonder who thought of it… ;)

  • 5.0

    who is that spider/crankset made by? sexy.

  • john

    ^ they are profiles with one of those volume spider things.