SF Eat Ya Heart Out Aug 7, 2009

Pedobear on an all-carbon HED3?! Sup? Andy T‘s new Mash low-pro is looking so nice. Crispy.

  • Big

    Mashinelli = the pista concept of 09.

  • God damn that looks tough. I love track-track bikes. Track racing bikes? Racing track bikes? You know what I mean.

  • matthew

    la mejor pista que he visto.

  • chris b.


  • Danny

    Wow! That looks so damn TOUGH!

  • JJD

    That is definitely the best Mash x Cinelli build I’ve seen yet. Looks so fast.

  • alx

    is there a higher-res version of this photo anywhere?

    it looks great.

  • tron

    andy totally won in the rear wheel trade with nate. can’t beat that confetti profile hub to the hed deep rim. fucking sweet.

  • ur a n8

    that fucker still ows me $50!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie Roxx

    “Mashinelli = the pista concept of 09.”

    Hardly, something like only 100 in the states? Theres like 100 concepts in the LES alone…don’t hate, appreciate.

  • Sam Allgood

    ANDY!, you shoulda gone campy record instead of the dura ace man.

  • matts

    anyone know what company does that sticker of the bear on the front wheel?

  • wilis

    Now let’s see if the kid can ride…

  • d

    Haha, pedo bear!