Sexual Healing and JFK Aug 4, 2009

Sexual Healing from Miliken on Vimeo.

Bums makin love.

JFK ALL DAY summer teaser 2 from matt shapiro on Vimeo.

Roll outs all day and more bum harassment.

  • jonnyneedledick


  • 1morehater

    OK, new rule: no more endos in videos. They are lame, everyone can do them, why are we wasting tape/bytes on this crap? You don’t watch BMX videos and see crappy 20 foot manuals (or endos for that matter), why does everybody think the world cares that they’ve learned to run into something at 2mph and then ride out of it?

    Next month we’re going to get rid of lame basic rollouts too. The FG freestyle community has until 1 September to think up some new tricks or I’m sending 12 year old kids from The Come Up to your houses to confiscate your bikes.

  • voltaire

    signed.. what a snorefest.