Phil 3.5 Gold-Plated Track Hubs Aug 26, 2009

Wow! Now that’s gold. Not that cheap gold-colored anodizing. Legit gold-plated Phil Wood 3.5 series track hubs have arrived at Mobius Cycles.

  • ross

    because of this, i have a new lease on life

  • NozyEnjoync

    Hi I’ve been scanning the site for a bit; I wanted to say how much i enjoy visiting

  • Kanon08

    Sensory overload. I love them.

    If you haven’t seen those flanges in person the are HUGE. In a good way.

  • dannyg

    damn thats hot

  • 120spaced


  • You need to seriously step up the rest of your bikes components to match the bling quality on these. And once you’ve put all that money into it, you can hang it up in your place and just look at it.

  • WOW!! Those be some sexy hubs!!!

  • drizz

    these would go great on my gold plated njs frame.

    file this under ridiculously expensive and impractical.

  • can’t find it anywhere, but definitely curious about the price point.

  • Tyler

    Putting these on your bike is a crackheads dream come true. They are pretty damn hot though.

  • iansmash

    not solid gold..don’t care

  • These are bonerjamz, fo sho

  • ru

    i believe they’re $9xx. USD