No Cassettes Trick Comp Video Aug 15, 2009

NO CASSETTES TRICK COMP from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

So many spins I got the spins just watching it!

  • jonnyneedledick

    eff spins everyone should just go see district 9 cuz its fuckin good.

    nuff said

  • 1:1

    180s where your wheel barely lifts the ground are gay. if you want to spin more than anyone, put a 1:1 on your bike and leave it at that. this gay-ass circus shit has to change. get some ramps, learn to hop or gtfo. third coast is where it’s at. fucking west coast spinning clowns blow.

  • jonnyneedledick

    spins are ok but not when its all thats going down in the contest. i mean hell they spin better than my by all accounts so i shouldnt say shit.

    i still stand by district 9 go see it i command you all.

  • Golden Spoon

    Will Buntas was walking funny at the No Cassettes premiere because his balls are so fucking big.

  • 1:1

    big balls? gap some steps. ride some walls. hit some transitions. do some thing where your wheels leave the ground and you could break some bones. leave the parking lots for circus clowns and bears on unicycles. no cassettes is wach too…

  • taylor

    there wasn’t to much to jump of man. i ride 46:17 not circus and you can see my trying 180 bunny bars at the start. there were also a few cabs/5cabs and shit in there. but hey everybody rides different i really like bmx style tricks as well. i don’t really thing there’s any point in hating on somebody because there style is not inline with yours. let everybody do there thing.

  • rodney king

    punctuating your internet comment with “nuff said” is comparable to saying something in the real world and ending it with “seacrest out.” and i saw district 9…18 years ago, when it was called Alien Nation.

  • Ugh, this is what I get for not reading comments before approving them. Taylor, ignore 1:1 I have no idea who it is and they’re most likely trolling.

    Shit looks good man, keep it up. Rodney, Alien Nation was the shit!


    I like to see some west coast rep. up on this blog. its always nice.

  • of course man. I got love for the worldwide fixed movement!

  • jonnyneedledick

    no no rodney its better than both the movie and the wack ass tv series.

    hugs for everyone on bikes!