Gnarcotix Bike Checks Aug 20, 2009

Grandmighty filmed the Gnarcotix guys talking about their bikes recently. Watch as Resil, Manny, Axel and Carl go over their bikes in detail. A lot of sticker bombs, collabos, prototypes, puking, wheelies, color coordination and camera-man giggles.


    driving to do tricks? wasnt the main point in doing tricks on a fixed gear that you can also cover major distance?
    to each their own, but.. seriously?

  • bigman

    always finding something to point out. love the internet.

  • James Franco

    is that carl kid related to alvin?

  • I definitely didn’t notice that they were ripping on me hard. ;)

  • Tom, you had a cameo in the Goldsprints video at the end…

  • Jarshy

    I want my 7 minutes back…