First Full Day on the New Bruiser Aug 16, 2009

Rode with Andy T. all day today, hitting spots in the neighborhood. First full day on the new bruiser. You can really feel the difference in weight between the production and the last prototype. It’s such a well-handling bike.

A wallride spot I rode a year ago with Sam Miller and Tom. A lot different to ride it now. Not the best transition to the wall, but it’s totally worth riding.

This bike is such a beast and it’s got great clearance for bunnyhop barspins.

We set up a ghetto bank along the edge of the pool. There’s a guard rail about 2 feet from the edge of the bank to gap. Fun times.

The space is eerie. It was, at one point, the largest public pool in the US.

Andy took a lot of detailed pictures of the new Bruiser, so check them out, along with others from today here!

  • That looks really good, and I really really want to ride those spots with yall.

  • ron mexico

    how is the tree spline holding up?
    rad photos

  • ron mexico

    whoa thats a bunnyhopp barr!!! nice.
    where is that pool?

  • twowords

    what kind of straps are those and where can i get some? love the bike!

  • Hold Fast straps:

  • Colinfoster

    hey man! new bike looks sick. sorry i couldnt get out this weekend, Ill shoot you an email when im in the city again.

  • mike

    Looks nice. Do you feel as if messing around on that frame is that much different than a norm track geo bike

  • matts

    i miss the free shows at that pool :(

  • the straps are Hold Fasts.

    Go here:

  • Burd

    Pure sex. The bike I mean. And look at that tongue sticking out in the second to last pic! Is Prolly the Michael Jordan of the fixed gear set?