Starf*cked Jul 17, 2009

Good way to start a Friday! Satin sheets, chick with heels and a Starfuckers frame. Via. SJFixed.

  • sam

    You would think the frame would be good enough and attractive enough to NOT have to resort to objectifying women.

    Bike culture, I thought you were better than that.

  • bigman

    i think its for those wheels dude. ;]
    read up

  • sam

    Duly noted! Maybe I should follow links in the future.

    Seriously though, still bullshit. =]

    A hot bicycle (or components) should be in and of themselves hot – why are we thought to be ignorant enough to fall for cheap marketing ploys? I find it kind of embarrassing.

    (I like women whole, not chopped up by a frame and shoved next to something I’m supposed to buy. I get the uncomfortable feeling I’m the only one?)

  • sicknastee

    ahh come on nothing wrong with a little leg action, if you like the bike your going to buy it. The legs are just the icing on the cake ;)