Retrobu by Kore Jul 28, 2009

Anyone know anything about these? Kore has a new saddle out called the Retrobu. Obviously they’re being marketed to the fixed gear crowd; they come in a ton of colors. More retro-shaped saddles aren’t a bad thing, I just wish someone would get it right. I was excited to see the Soma Tabos at first, but after riding one, I didn’t like the synthetic leather. It was way too slippery. I love the Grunge saddles, but shipping from the UK can be a pain sometimes. I wish Selle Italia would just re-issue the Turbo already!

  • If this counts for anything – We got a call from J&B asking us if we waned any of Kore’s new fixed gear “shiny” saddles – our answer was, “No.” Maybe we should have said, “Maybe.”

  • Erik

    If you like the Selle Italia Turbo, you should check out the new SNAFU Nicholson seats. I have one and it is damn nice.

  • Edward Scoble

    Don’t forget the new Charge Bucket which is due by October, they finally release the picture;

  • Edward Scoble

    Almost forget to mentioned this – Charge brought the original Turbo mold from Selle Italia, so it’s an exact copy of the Turbo.

  • veng

    Wanting to try that charge now